The redoubt and soldiers town

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Soldiers hutment. These hutments build behind the lines are meant for the reserve.
Officers' Baracks. Baracks of the staff officers.
Soldiers' Baracks. Baracks for 30-40 private soldiers.
Post & Telegraph Office. Here you can try the telegraphe and write a letter with pen and ink. During the holidays you can exchange "skilling".
Well. In one of the redoubts, there was a well like this. You can try it but don't drink the water.
Smithy. The blachsmith is very important as he can fix many things like new horseshoes. The Danish army had more than 10,000 horses.
Canteen. Here the soldiers can buy things which the army do not supply.
Field kitchen. This is where the soldiers can cook their rations.
Fortification Cannon. The cannon has been hit, and the barrel must be put on a new wooden carriage.
Gunpowder Magazine. Here the gunpowder and grenades are stored behind thick concrete walls.
Drill Ground. Here there are sometimes military drills with the guests - just like in 1864.
Storm the Redoubt!. Her you can try to enter the redoubt as the Prussians did in 1864.
Fortification Cannon, high. This 84-pounder uses cannonballs filled with black powder.
Blockhouse. This is the shelter for the soldiers of the redoubt.
Loading Magazine. This is where the grenades are filled before being carried to the cannons.
Cannon Crane. The Cannon Crane is used when switching cannon barrels.
Field Cannon. The small field gun is relatively easy to move around, typically drawn by six horses.
Vantage Point. From here see part of the battlefield, among others remnants of Redoubt 4 and 8. You can also see the Prussian Fortification from 1865, today known as the King's Redoubt (Kongeskansen).
Roller Bridge. This is the only way in and out of the redoubt, you can draw the bridge and make it harder for the enemy to enter.
Route 1864 - Information board. Scan the QR code and hear the eyewitnesses from 1864
Field sentry hutment. As a soldier on an outpost in front of Dybbøl, it is nice to take cover i a hutment like this.
Use a metal detector!. During the holidays you can for try a metal detector and find shell fragments from the war.
Exhibition. Exhibition about some of the people who took part in the war of 1864.
Lunch tent. Primarily for our groups such as school classes