Visit the History Centre in Dybbøl during Easter holidays! We focus on the description of the soldiers’ destiny and the human costs the war claimed.

Come in and take a look at our soldiers’ town which is constructed like a barracks camp from 1864. Here, you can trade with the sutler, bake pancakes according to Madam Mangor’s recipe book, chat with the smith, cast a bullet, telegraph and write a traditional folded letter with ink to your family and get it stamped. Meet a soldier in the stable block house with massive roof beams, and see what he has in his haversack. If you are lucky, he might shoot with his old rifle. Lie down in the big straw beds in the troops barracks and listen to a soldier’s eyewitness report about the war.

Inside the History Centre we have a short introduction movie about the political background and, then, the two movies about the two dicisive battles at Sønderborg: The Day of the Assault and Attack on Als.

Opening Hours:

10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Practical Information:

Remember! Comfortable and good shoes as well as maybe rainproof clothing since a part of the tour takes place outside.

You can bring your lunch and eat in our yard.

Dogs are also welcome.