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In 1864, fascinating and important events occurred at other places apart from at and around Dybbøl Mill.

Route 1864 leads to twelve places, such as Bøffelkobbel, Egernsund, Broager, Ballebro and Kegnæs – all with the Battlefield Centre Dybbøl Banke as their central focus.

These places and others like them all have a story to tell – an exciting, violent and moving historical narrative about the war of 1864.

A bad omen

The Ponton Bridge

Diversionary Tactics

SØNDERBORG, 2 April 1864, 1630 hrs

A major attack is abandoned

The bombardment

The storm

An invincible wave

Coup de grâce

The time is shortly after ten thirty on Monday the 18th of April 1864, about 120 paces west of Dybbøl Mill, which has been shot to pieces.

Coup de grâce 2

Broager lazaret

Bridgehead - The last stand

April 18th, 1864 - exact time: 13.50. Afternoon sun, no wind and no clouds.

The Decision

SOTTRUP SKOV, June 29, 1864